Deliver your school’s services to everyone’s fingertips – Whenever they want it, wherever they are – through a custom mobile app.


Join other global institutions who already have a robust mobile presence. Give yours the edge it needs.


Communicate effectively using push notifications that work just like text messaging, but without the cost.


Accelerate the rate of engagement with your school, and keep all stakeholders happy, satisfied and involved.

 “The future of Student, Parent and Teacher Engagement is through Mobile Apps.”

 Find out how VeriCampus can really deliver your school’s mobile vision.

VeriCampus - A mobile Solution

VeriCampus is a complete mobile solution for schools and higher institutions. VeriCampus was built to bridge the communication gap among stakeholders in
an educational institution.

With VeriCampus, your School or Academic Institution can have it’s own custom mobile application, through which you can deliver services to all your communities and stakeholders

Built for easy integration into existing IT- Systems and Platforms, schools
see VeriCampus as the befitting mobile solution to a future of innovative
Learning and School management

VeriCampus mobile solution functions on stable technology, which is grown continuously to ensure various institutional IT strategies fit without rebuilding their structures.

The Mobile Edge

Take advantage of the mobile revolution

Deliver your school’s services, resources and information to everyone’s fingertips – whenever they want it, wherever they are, through your school’s exclusive mobile application, available on all smart-phones and tablets.

Drive Academic Excellence

Positively engage your students by empowering them with access to the tools and resources they need through their mobile devices. Watch them expand their learning frontiers beyond the classroom and collaborate innovatively.

Improve Recruitment Outcomes

Streamline the overall admission process by providing prospective students with access to relevant information to ensure more informed decisions, resulting in higher levels of satisfaction and retention among new students.

Communicate Effectively

Communicate better with parents and staff using push notifications that work just like text messages but without the cost. Effectively deliver alerts on resumption dates, class announcements, project deadlines and tests.

Save on Expenses

Save your school a lot of wasted resources creating paper notes and pamphlets. Put all of your school’s information in one handy place. Send unlimited, free messages directly to parents’ phones.

Do School Better

Keep parents organized because all of the important school information is at their fingertips on one easy-to-find place. Boost your school’s reputation and service delivery; Improve its efficiency and save resources.


Complete Campus Integration

We understand the diversity in structure and management of educational institutions, hence despite our adherence to industry standards, VeriCampus Mobile App was created with adaptability in mind. Taking into consideration your institutions specifications, culture and existing IT infrastructure.

  • API’s for easy integration with existing Learning Management Systems (see list of supported LMS)
  • Total alignment with your school’s structure or Modus Operandi
  • Integration comes with regular updates

Communications approach

Our philosophy – Great communication is the foundation for great result – guides our approach to revolutionizing learning and educational management. We help you integrate and align great communication amongst all stakeholders. We are certain of these:

  • Improved top level Management
  • Better monitoring of students activities and educational growth
  • Feedback from parents to teachers and vice versa
  • Improved Trust between parents and managements

All these features and more can be available on your school’s Mobile App.


Revolutionizing Learning

Most learning takes place outside the walls of the classroom – Self Learning,
Peer-to-Peer, Social Learning, among others. VeriCampus ensures institution
in aiding the learning process by being relevant.

  • Provide tools that aid social learning
  • Search & Find only relevant materials recommended by previous searchers

Full Stakeholder Coverage

VeriCampus caters to all stakeholders in an institution – the Students, Teachers, Parents, Alumni & Prospective Students. 

  • School Administrators communicate easily with all other communities
  • Alumni stay connected with relevant information from the school
  • Prospective students get a virtual tour of the school

Complete Communication Cycle

VeriCampus keeps the cycle of communication intact from parents to
teachers to school management.

  • Update on students information and status
  • Real time communication between teachers and parents
  • Realtime feedback from student academic experience

Partnership in Education

Parents and Teachers can collaborate via the communication tools on
VeriCampus. This partnership has one clear goal; to ensure the
educational growth and well being of the children

  • Teachers can give parents feedback on student academic welfare
  • Push Notifications to alert parents and keep parents up to date with information


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