LinkedIn and its potentials for students

These days one of the most difficult challenge faced by youths of our generation, is securing a well-paid job that can cover the bills and keep you on your feet. Yes there is entrepreneurship, but honestly not everyone wants to delve into that, hence the problem of securing a good quality job. It gets harder in this generation with a large number students and graduates being churned into the outside world, but very little jobs to accommodate them. Robots and application systems are beginning to replace humans and the skills they were able to provide, to the extent of executing a more efficient and reliable result. But this does not entirely rule out the fact that people are still needed, this just points to the fact of how things are not how they used to be.

Transiting from the conventional model

Many years back the way people were recruited and searched for jobs were a lot different, through newspapers, radio and television adverts, and this was the way it was for our parents. And well this worked out for them, they were in the industrial age where manpower and skills were heavily required with little or no technology. But as technology has evolved, ways of doing things have evolved also. Social media and the internet have played a massive role in this changes, from communication, e-commerce, accessing information and even getting jobs. LinkedIn a professional social platform launched by Reid Hoffman in 2003, allows its members to create business connections, search for jobs, and find potential clients or employees. This platform has grown over the last decades, allowing members to package themselves in ways appealing to employers on the platform, it also allows for a wide range of networking and communicating with directors, CEO’s, HR managers and their companies or brands. With over 400 million members LinkedIn has become the right destination for anyone looking for a job, a company looking to hire or just ways to grow your business network. A trend was noticed, that a large number of LinkedIn members were students, who were looking for jobs or internship opportunities, this gave birth to LinkedIn Students.


LinkedIn for Students

LinkedIn Students was announced in 2016, and the platform is aimed at helping graduates and students find for jobs that could be a great fit, network and reduce the amount of stress graduates go through in securing the right job placement. LinkedIn describes the app as a job exploration guide. This platform offers personalized job recommendations and postings based on the career paths of LinkedIn’s users. The app’s algorithm is guided in parts by insights from the career paths of professionals who graduated from the same college and with the same major as a particular student. The platform also serve as a pointer to professionals in industries who could give more knowledge on the roles of interest to a student.

The interesting thing about LinkedIn Student is that it does not push everything, every content or job position in your face. It actually tailors it to fit your imputed data to generate best results and give you suggestions that could align with is best for you.


Well Content has always been part of the LinkedIn platform, but now the platform suggests ideas on what content might inspire and give you value In terms of you  and career goals.

There are so many benefits to accrue on this platform and this is a heads up for students looking for opportunities. 🙂

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