VeriCampus Features

The features on VeriCampus mobile apps are designed with the user in mind, ensuring that all the basic & important needs are provided for. However, you are not limited to these. We understand that every institution in the education & learning industry have similar needs, this also births the logical conclusion that every institution would would have it’s unique needs. With VeriCampus, your school app can be customized to have features to meet those specific requirement.


For Students

  • Schedule (Class, Assignment etc)
  • Course Outline &┬áLearning Material
  • Due Dates: Assignments, Exams, Tests.
  • Class Forum
  • Opportunity Desk

For Administrators

  • Student Notification system
  • Staff Notification system
  • Library Services

For Professors

  • Student Notification system
  • Course Outline & Learning Material


For Teachers

  • Schedules & Calendar
  • Learning Material
  • Due Dates – Assignments, Tests & Exams
VeriCampus homework page

For Parents

  • Receive School updates & Notification
  • Teacher Messaging: Updates & Assignment
  • Staff Directory
  • Bus Route
  • Extracurricular & Sport Activity Schedules
  • School bus updates
  • School Counselor/Teacher Messaging: Updates & Assignment
  • Staff Directory
  • School Bus Route
  • Extracurricular & Sport Activity Schedules

Staff & Guardians

  • Parent & Staff Group messaging
  • Parent & Staff Push Notification
  • Monitor/Audit Teach-Parent Communication