The ‘Mobile’ Edge

Take advantage of the mobile revolution

Deliver your school’s services, resources and information to everyone’s fingertips – whenever they want it, wherever they are, through your school’s exclusive mobile application, available on all smart-phones and tablets.

Drive Academic Excellence

Positively engage your students by empowering them with access to the tools and resources they need through their mobile devices. Watch them expand their learning frontiers beyond the classroom and collaborate innovatively.

Improve Recruitment Outcomes

Streamline the overall admission process by providing prospective students with access to relevant information to ensure more informed decisions, resulting in higher levels of satisfaction and retention among new students.

Communicate Effectively

Communicate better with parents and staff using push notifications that work just like text messages but without the cost. Effectively deliver alerts on resumption dates, class announcements, project deadlines and tests.

Save on Costs

Save your school a lot of wasted resources creating paper notes and pamphlets. Put all of your school’s information in one handy place. Send unlimited, free messages directly to parents’ phones. Give parents absolute peace of mind.

Do School Better

Keep parents organized because all of the important school information is at their fingertips on one easy-to-find place. Boost your school’s reputation and service delivery; Improve its efficiency and save resources.